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Asphalt emulsion additives DEMUL A is an additive of cationic polarity which promotes the attachment of bituminous material on surfaces with negative charge. * CHEMICAL COMPOSITION: Alquil amine – amide – imidazoline

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Emulsions are an environmentally safe, energy efficient and cost effective way to do asphalt repair. Asphalt additives promote pavement flexibility, improve binding properties, and can travel easily without separating. UNIQUE Paving Materials can custom-formulate asphalt emulsion sealers, asphalt additives, liquids and mixes to meet your product specific asphalt repair needs. UNIQUE has a wide selection of specification-based asphalt emulsions …

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Asphalt Emulsion Additives UNIQUE has a wide variety of specification-based emulsions such as Slow Setting (SS) Medium Setting (MS) and Rapid Setting (RS). All are available in various grades & strengths.

Location: 3993 East 93rd Street, Cleveland, 44105, OH

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Emulsion Additives are also used to improve emulsion stability and quality through time. Extending shelf life allows manufacturers to have products that can be stored worry free for longer without emulsion quality degradation, whether in a tanker on a project site for weeks, or …

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Asphalt Emulsion Additives. The Asphalt Emulsion Additives offered by Zydex are developed to impart very high bonding strength to asphalt emulsions which can be used with a wide range of agents such as cement, soil, bitumen, stones, etc.

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An additive for asphalt emulsion sealcoat that promotes greater adhesion, sand suspension, and locks sand in for extended wear. RAPID SET. GemSeal® Rapid Set is a polymer modified additive for use in both refined tar and asphalt emulsion pavement sealers.

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Ingevity's asphalt emulsifiers, stabilizers and additives are used by qualified manufacturing personnel at plant sites around the world to manufacture asphalt emulsions. The chemical composition supplied by Ingevity may constitute less than 2% of the total asphalt emulsion produced, but allows the emulsion to remain stable in the

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Sealcoat Additives RaynGuard + (LATEX ADDITIVE) RaynGuard + is a specially blended co-polymer emulsion along with effective resistance additives to modify asphalt emulsion sealer to achieve out-standing toughness, color enhancement, fast curing time, greater flexibility, high viscosity, good suspension of the aggregates.

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Whether you want to polymer modify slurry applications for preservation, make thin overlays for maintenance, open graded friction course for driver safety, porous asphalt for conservation, or want to improve strength and reduce tracking of bond coat emulsions, BASF technologies can help.

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Emulsions readily accept additives such as polymers, latex, fillers, anti-strips, stabilizers and other modifiers to enhance the physical properties of both the emulsion and the cured asphalt. An emulsion’s charge can be positive, negative or neutral to improve compatibility with available aggregates.

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Liquid anti-stripping asphalt additives or adhesion promoters are chemicals added to asphalt to improve aggregate coating and increase the strength and frequency of chemical bonding between asphalt and aggregate. The increased bonding strength provides pavements with defense against moisture damage destruction, when asphalt detaches from aggregate in the presence of water.

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InPHusion ES Color Additive for Asphalt Emulsion Sealer is a specialty formulated blend of concentrated UV resistant and environmentally friendly liquid pigments and polymers that get mixed directly into commercial or residential grade cold asphalt emulsion sealers.

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Emulsions are very common materials; ice cream is an example. An asphalt emulsion consists of three basic components, asphalt, water and an emulsifying agent. An asphalt emulsion is a stable dispersion of asphalt cement droplets in water, which can be pumped, stored and mixed with aggregates.

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COLD MIX ASPHALT ADDITIVES. As pavements age and wear through time, patching is needed to fix potholes that develop. Pavement patching is one of the most widespread and costly maintenance activities undertaken by highway agencies at all levels, but is also the most inefficient. Most patching is a temporary fix that lasts only a few weeks.

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Kokosing Materials Inc. knows what it takes to be a good neighbor. That’s why they use AS Cherry to eliminate the scent it asphalt plants with nearby neighbors. Additives & Emulsions.

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Asphalt emulsions are mixtures of asphalt, water, and specific chemical additives (surfactants) that allow the other two materials to be blended into a stable liquid—the same principle is used in the recovery of heavy oil or tar sand bitumen by the use of surfactants (Speight, 2008, 2009, 2014).

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Asphalt Sealcoat Performance Polymer Additives. Improve the performance of your sealcoating with polymer additives from SealMaster®. Whether to harden the seal coat film, modify viscosity for sand suspension, or as an adhesion promoter, most manufacturers of sealcoating products recommend the addition of performance additives.

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Emulsions and Additives Emulsion additives • Additives to improve emulsion quality of difficult to emulsify bitumen • Additives to improve compatibility with SBS in modified binders • Easy to handle adhesion promoters for emulsion applications Cationic quick set – Slurry/Microsurfacing

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Mar 28, 2007 · Asphalt emulsion sealers ... "That process and those ceramic particles allow further enhancement of the properties of the asphalt," Rayner says. Additives and …

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Jun 01, 2016 · Instead they protect aging asphalt pavements, seal cracks, retain aggregate, waterproof pavement structure, enhance friction, and with rejuvenators, give new life to an aged, oxidized asphalt surface. Emulsions used in full depth reclamation (FDR), though, can add structural value to a …

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After the asphalt pavement has been prepared for recycling by breaking it up to the desired sieve size (usually 1 inch to 1 ½ inches or less), Cyclogen ® will be the only additive required. Cyclogen ® is added in the emulsified form for cold recycling. Either the emulsion or oil is used in hot recycling depending on what type of mixing equipment is used.

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Anova emulsifiers are tree-free, liquid emulsifiers designed for use in a variety of asphalt emulsions, particularly, quick and medium-setting asphalt emulsions.The emulsifiers are formulated for use with highly reactive aggregates in slurry seal and micro-surfacing applications.

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Innovative additive solutions for road pavement construction. Our range of asphalt additive products are the result of various collaborations with a number of the worlds leading road and construction material innovators, to provide a portfolio of innovative solutions for the road building and construction industries.

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Henry HE127 Asphalt Emulsion is a commercial-grade, asphalt-based product designed to seal and protect asphalt pavement. This product is specially formulated with a very stable base emulsion, allowing for high amounts of quality reinforcing material.

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Asphalt emulsion portatile plant; Emulsion cold mix asphalt plant; Plane colloidal mills; Asphalt blown units; Scatteres polymer asphalt; Cold asphalt distributor; Asphalt slurry seal truck; Hot asphalt tack distributor; Watery phase pump; Pnuematic roller; Additive blenders; Incinerator furnace; Filter and meters for liquids; Filler blenders ...

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Sealcoatings are refined coal tar or asphalt emulsion based coatings, which are commonly used for the protection and preservation of off-street asphalt surfaces; home driveways, parking lots, airports, gas stations, etc. Additives are specialty chemicals and other substances that are added to enhance the performance properties of sealcoatings.

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This product is a skid-resistant surface treatment composed of a mixture of polymer modified asphalt emulsion, well-graded aggregate, mineral filler, water and other additives. It is expertly mixed and spread onto a paved surface.

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Asphalt Additives and Modifiers McAsphalt provides the road construction industry with the highest-quality asphalt additives, which increase adhesion between asphalt cements and aggregates and improve pavement performance via reduced pavement rutting and moisture-induced damage.

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Tri-State is an asphalt emulsion manufacturing company, proudly serving the Midwest. We specialize in asphalt emulsions, polymer modified binders, cold mix, asphalt emulsion seal coat base, crack sealants and more. We are persistent in our desire for excellence.

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Evotherm® Warm Mix Asphalt TechnologyEvotherm, our revolutionary warm mix asphalt (WMA) additive, is an alternative to traditional hot mix paving, delivering proven performance at …

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Innovative additive solutions for road pavement construction. Our range of asphalt additive products are the result of various collaborations with a number of the worlds leading road and construction material innovators, to provide a portfolio of innovative solutions for the road building and construction industries.

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Additives Compatibilizer for Rubber Asphalt Hot Mix Asphalt Warm Mix Asphalt Cationic Emulsions Anionic Emulsions Other Applications Hot Mix / Warm Mix Applications TEGO Addibit stabilizers for foamed bitumen improve both the wetting of the rock grains and the foam stability and processability especially of recy - cling asphalt. Due to the low process-

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Special Asphalt Products formulates Resurfacer with a combination of specially refined asphalt emulsions, mineral fillers, advanced polymer modifiers and pigments. Resurfacer is a proven performer in a wide range of both commercial and residential applications and provides the pavement maintenance professional with a complete range of benefits.

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ArrMaz’s Road Science is a leader in asphalt technology providing high-performance additives, emulsifiers, system technologies & binders to the asphalt industry.

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Liquid Road™. Liquid Road™ is a high performance mineral and fiber reinforced asphalt emulsion blended with polymers and special surfactants for superior adhesion, flexibility, and durability. Liquid Road™ replenishes the binder that is lost through oxidation and weathering, while providing a slip resistant durable surface treatment.

Slurry Seal Treatment Types

A slurry seal is the application of a mixture of water, asphalt emulsion, aggregate (very small crushed rock), and additives to an existing asphalt pavement surface. A slurry seal is similar to a fog seal except the slurry seal has aggregates as part of the mixture. This combined mixture of the emulsion and aggregates represents “slurry.”

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Asphalt emulsion portatile plant; Emulsion cold mix asphalt plant; Plane colloidal mills; Asphalt blown units; Scatteres polymer asphalt; Cold asphalt distributor; Asphalt slurry seal truck; Hot asphalt tack distributor; Watery phase pump; Pnuematic roller; Additive blenders; Incinerator furnace; Filter and meters for liquids; Filler blenders ...

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A gel-like emulsion containing natural rubber and crumb rubber from used vehicle tires which may be added to an asphalt paving emulsion at ambient temperature for chip coating, slurry sealing, microsurfacing, soil stabilization or pavement recycling.


Star manufactures a wide range of asphalt pavement sealers suitable for the professional sealcoating contractor. We offer Refined Tar-Based Sealers, Asphalt Emulsion Sealers, and our unique Star Green Acrylic Polymers-Based Sealer. Review our sealer product bulletins and specifications for the right material for your upcoming projects.

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Three types of chemical additives were used to modify asphalt emulsion recycled mixture. These chemical additives include composite Portland cement (CPC), hydrated lime (HL), and a combination of hydrated lime and ground-granulated blast-furnace slag (GGBF).

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GuardTop® Ultra is a high performance mineral and fiber reinforced asphalt emulsion blended with polymers and special additives for outstanding adhesion, flexibility, and durability. GuardTop Ultra restores the asphalt binder lost through oxidation and weathering, while providing a …

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Used in asphalt sealer applications, including those made with clay stabilized emulsions, and more. New Product Spotlight Nouryon has launched Wetfix G400, an environmentally friendly adhesion promoter that is derived from renewable resources and compatible with Poly Phosphoric Acid (PPA) modified binders.


Polymer Additive Mixture 0 – 5% Organic Amine Emulsifier Mixture 0 - 6% Hydrochloric Acid 7647-01-0 0 - 5% Hydrogen Sulfide 7783-06-4 Trace . PAGE 2 OF 9 ... Asphalt emulsions will normally not ignite. However asphalt emulsion may separate forming a layer of asphalt and a layer of water in the

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Top Tuff™ is a polymer latex resin emulsion designed to modify both asphalt based and coal tar based pavement sealer emulsions. Top Tuff™ imparts outstanding toughness, locks in aggregate, and provides a blacker color to the cured, dried film.

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Henry’s 785 Asphalt Emulsion is a trowel grade product designed for damp proofing the exterior side of below grade foundations and walls. It consists of selected asphalt, emulsified with bentonite clay, cellulose fibers and water. Excellent for lining and masonry planters

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Bitumen emulsions provide a range of benefits over heated and cutback forms. Emulsifying bitumen allows you to reduce the viscosity without the need to continuously heat the product. Bitumen emulsions are particularly useful when it is difficult to use bulky machinery in remote or hard to reach areas, such as rural locations or confined spaces.

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The Basic Asphalt Emulsion Manual (MS-19), a joint publication of the Asphalt Institute and the Asphalt Emulsion Manufacturers Association (AEMA), is recommended for anyone needing more information on asphalt emulsions. Much of the material in this article was taken from MS-19 and from AEMA’s booklet, Asphalt Emulsions.

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Go Green Premium Grade Cold Mix Asphalt Emulsion is a unique, cost effective and environmentally friendly liquid blend which has already mixed with bitumen and Go Green special additive. Our Premium Grade Cold Mix Anti-Strip Additive promotes adhesion in asphalt cements and cutback asphalts.

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Bitumen or asphalt emulsion is a versatile material that can be used in a wide range of applications for road construction and maintenance. We are one of the world’s leading producers of cationic, anionic and non- ionic surfactants, which are used in a variety of industries.

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Public agency willingness to fund higher-cost asphalt additives. Modified asphalt cement is usually higher in initial cost than unmodified asphalt cement, but it should provide a longer service life with less maintenance. There are numerous binder additives available on the market today.

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Emulsified asphalt is simply a suspension of small asphalt cement globules in water, which is assisted by an emulsifying agent (such as soap). The emulsifying agent assists by imparting an electrical charge to the surface of the asphalt cement globules so that they do not coalesce (Roberts et al., 1996 [1]).Emulsions are used because they effectively reduce asphalt viscosity for lower ...

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Henry ® 107 Asphalt Emulsion is a premium, versatile coating for the protection of roofing materials, metal, and masonry surfaces. Solvent-free, it is made from asphalt emulsified with bentonite clay and water. Henry 107 Asphalt Emulsion is cold-applied, non-flammable while wet, corrosion-resistant, and waterproof when dry.

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NAC Supply sells asphalt sealcoating supplies to contractors who want to stand above the crowd. Our sealcoating equipment for sale is reliable and effective. 10% Off Graco Pumps & Repair Kits.

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Plant production with an asphalt emulsion product called Evotherm™, which uses a chemical additive technology and a "dispersed asphalt technology" delivery system. The addition of a synthetic zeolite called Advera® WMA during mixing at the plant to create a foaming effect in the binder.